An experimental project aiming to transform how we live our every day lives.
How can we re-organise the way we work, eat, learn, make, fix, grow, share and cook together?

A Lambeth Council project
Developing systematic social change.

Studying and stimulating positive community projects.

Social Spaces and 00 have joined together.
Surfacing and supporting creative community projects around the globe.

New ways for residents, council and partners to work more closely together.

A Lambeth Council Project.
Phase 1 report online
Prototyping concept for shared space, to bring an empty church into re-use.

In collaboration with Churches Conservation Trust
Barter for knowledge

At Trade School, no money changes hands. Instead, students bring items
or resources to exchange for attending class. We place equal importance
on big ideas, practical skills and experiential knowledge.
In collaboration with Trade School Coop.
Working with parents and teenagers to embed health in social networks.

Research for an ambitious infrastructure to offer new opportunities for Open

With Architecture 00
Creating opportunities that support high street activity.

Trading Spaces - radical new collaborations for local economies